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Fedorko Chiropractic General Care Testimonials


I am alive because of Fedorko Chiropractic; they were able to pinpoint what was causing my rapid decline. I feel I would have died within 6 months if I had not come to them. I had seen lung specialists, ear nose & throat specialists, [an] allergist and infectious disease doctors prior to seeing Dr. Fedorko. My health has increased since being treated by the doctors at Fedorko Chiropractic.
-Betty Schadl


I don't think I will ever be able to thank Dr. Fedorko and Dr. Wilson enough for helping to reduce the daily pain I live with. I had been to so many orthopedic doctors and none could help me. In fact, another back surgery was advised. The pain in my back and neck was so bad that it totally changed my personality. I couldn't remember what it was like to not constantly be in pain, and I had given up all hope of ever being pain free and being able to have children. Dr. Fedorko and Dr. Wilson have given me back that hope. The pain in my lower back is almost completely gone! The pain in my neck is getting better. Fedorko Chiropractic was able to find out why I was having so many health problems and treat it. I had been to so many doctors and none of them took the time to try to figure out why my body was not healing from my surgery five years ago. Dr. Fedorko and his staff truly care about their patients and that is rare.

I recommend Fedorko Chiropractic to everyone! I am forever grateful for them for getting me back to the person I used to be, and for taking away most of my pain.

-Marla Thomas


When I hurt my back again I went to Dr. Fedorko to work his magic and get me back in working condition, but the real problem was my weight. He gave me suggestions on healthier foods. As I listened he mentioned a few key phrases that really inspired me. He said the next time I was confronted with choosing healthy over junk food ask myself this: "Is the instant pleasure you are going to get from eating this right now worth the pain you will suffer later? When you try those clothes on for that special party, class reunion, family wedding, or just a casual get together and nothing fits, was that worth that instant indulgence? You must learn to say no thank you!" We have all heard this many times, it is nothing new, but for those of us who are struggling - think of the pain that you face every time you open that closet door and nothing fits. He said if you only lose two pounds a month, in a year you will have lost twenty-four pounds! Now that is something to think about! I have lost twelve pounds as of today and I am loving it, I move quicker, have more energy, and the weight stays off. No more roller coaster dieting for me! In six more months I will have lost the rest of the weight and will have reached my goal! This is so much easier than trying to set a goal of twenty or thirty pounds in four months by starving myself and putting weight right back on.

Technology has spoiled us, we live in the NOW, everything we want we get in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, our bodies do not work that way, they are old fashion. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise. There are no miracle pills or drugs on the market to slim you down quickly, even the small print of the diet containers says, "eat small, healthy portions and exercise!"

Dr. Fedorko, thank you so much for all your time and patience. I am losing the weight, exercising, and feeling great! Sometimes our minds need adjusting as well as our bodies. You are the best!

-Norma Hargrove


My husband was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer June 2008. He started chemo immediately and started taking supplements from Dr. Fedorko in August. They really made a difference in the way he felt. He was an avid woodworker and was able to do some of his large projects, he was obviously slowing down but still working. He was in his workshop until two weeks before his death in March 2009. The supplements gave him the 'quality of life' that he needed, thanks to Dr. Fedorko.

I will be forever grateful to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping him feeling as good as he did!!

-Loretta Hutte


I am 82 and love to dance. I've been ballroom and line dancing four to five times a week for 30 years. So, to keep my knees and joints pain-free my chiropractor, Dr. Fedorko, suggested I try Formulary. I take three capsules a day and haven't missed a dance yet! It really works great!

-Betty Ake

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My family has went to see Doc for 30 years and thanks to his billing staff we won't be making the drive over any longer. Fedorka is a great doctor but you have to have a staff that will answer questions and return calls. Very disappointed!"
    Melissa F. / Facebook
  • "Too bad Ohio doesn’t recognize alternative health physicians because Jeff is so much more than a chiropractor."
    Bruce M. / Facebook
  • "Dr. Fedorko took extra time to help our daughter, his gentleness and understanding and words of encouragement, were a gift. We have both been patients at the office for a few years. They truly treat the mind and body. Emotional tapping and supplements combined can get you through the difficult times. The staff is always helpful.. His new associates are wonderful too."
    Trinette C. / Facebook

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